Katerina V

I can’t say enough good things about Dr.Machiko and his staff. They are the nicest most talented dental group!!!! I’m so glad I found you guys! I went to other dentists in San Diego where I’m from originally from for consults and never felt comfortable enough to go through with veneers until I found Dr.Machiko. His work is flawless! I’m so glad I waited and found the best cosmetic dentist in Pittsburgh! Thank you for everything!


Dr. Machiko has been our family dentist for many years. He excels at restoration, cosmetic dentistry, implants and implant repair. The hygenists and dental technicians are excellent, professional and friendly. As evidenced by the certificates displayed in the office, Dr. Machiko has advanced training in implant and other cosmetic specialties indicating he keeps current with new techniques and best practices in dentistry.

Erin McCarthy

Dr. Machiko and his staff have literally changed my life!!! After years of not loving my teeth and avoiding smiling at all costs, I started searching online for offices to have a consultation with about veneers. I thank my lucky stars I found Dr. Machiko's office every time I look in the mirror, see myself smiling in a picture, or when someone says, "You have the most perfect teeth I have ever seen!" Dr. Machiko and his staff answered all of my questions about the process and made it seamless and easy for me. His work is so top-notch and perfect, that no one can tell I have veneers - even dental hygienists! - they are so natural and reflect perfectly the shape of my mouth and skin tone. My best friend was about to get married when I first got them placed, and they went out of their way and worked extremely hard to ensure the process was completed in time and I had my perfect smile for her big day!

In addition to Dr. Machiko's excellent work, what has me coming back to his office time after time is simply how genuinely kind everyone at the office is. I have never been to a dentist (or doctor's) office where you walk in and they greet you by name! They remember the small details about you not only as a patient, but also as a person! I am always treated with the utmost respect and friendliness - Dr. Machiko's office is one - in - a - million!

Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today! While my veneers were definitely an investment, it was the best decision I have ever made with the help of Dr. Machiko! I went from barely smiling to not being able to stop! He is truly the best there is!

Joseph Puglisi

12 years ago, Dr. Machiko was recommended to me by a very professional dental hygienist who had worked in several offices during her career. I took her advice, and continue to be very pleased with my decision. Dr. Machiko and his staff are ALWAYS very pleasant and professional. Yesterday's visit was no exception. I now look forward to my dental appointments!

Jon Bach

Great friendly staff with top notch service. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone.


"Dr. Machiko's work is flawless and his staff is wonderful. He was able to blend a white spot I had on my front tooth from too much fluoride as a child. I would not be happier with my results and would highly recommend him to anyone!


My daughter fell on ice in her last semester at Bucknell University and destroyed her front two teeth. Three days later Dr Machiko had her looking like new! Six years later now, no body even suspects she has had any kind of dental reconstruction work performed...

I saw Dr Gary at my nieces wedding last month , and both my wife and I had to give him big bear hugs!!!!


Thanks for your expertise, patience and difficult work. My recovery was swift and uneventful.


Both my wife and I have had a great luck with the dentists over the years, but, in my opinion, Dr. Machiko is the nest have ever had. He excels in a number of areas.

First, he has built a great staff. These people who have been with him for many years. They are all well trained and have a sincere concern for their patient’s well-being. I’m a business man and I know that having such great people working for you doesn’t happen by accident. You have to set high standards, but also provide an environment where people have a commitment to what they do and derive satisfaction from a job well done. They are great.

Next. Dr. Machiko is a great practitioner. He does fantastic work and has the ability to put you at ease. He does everything he can to minimize any anxiety or discomfort while he does his work. And, in my experience, recovery is quick and without distress. I can’t say enough about that.

Thirdly, he’s a perfectionist. With everything that he has done for me, he has been patient and dedicated to do the best work possible. He’s concerned about comfort, functionality and appearance. That is very reassuring.

Finally, I have never had someone respond to an emergency so quickly. Before the Christmas Holidays, I had an accident and chipped a front tooth. I called the office to schedule an appointment and you know what? They squeezed me in before the holiday so I could enjoy the season without being self-conscious about my smile. They didn’t have to do that, but they did.

It’s not often that you find such a great combination of professionalism and integrity matched a wonderful personal tough, both from Dr. Machiko and his staff. They are the best.

Michelle Pogosaew reviewed Gary W. Machiko, DMD — 5 star

Michelle Pogosaew reviewed Gary W. Machiko, DMD — 5 star

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I have complete faith in Dr. Gary Machiko, his staff and supporting dental lab. Their creativity, attention to detail and quality of workmanship with high end veneer placements and cosmetic dentistry is premier. The care of their patients is excellent from your very first consultation through your last finishing appointment for customer service is one of their best traits and is effortless! Additionally, Dr. Machiko is the most professio...nal, reliable and knowledable cosmetic dentist not only in the Tri-State area, but nationally. When I had an emergency and needed advice, his staff immediately found and recommended a fellow colleague in Phoenix, Arizona. Without their help, I would have ha  an inferior outcome and possibly lost a vital front tooth. Several years later, I still receive compliments on my smile which makes me confident in my original investment and decision to visit Dr. Machiko. Needless to say, I can not say enough good things about him and his team!

Dawn Ann Didion

in the last week

Dr Machiko and his staff are wonderful! He specializes in cosmetic dentistry including implants and porcelain veneers.

Dr Machiko has the capability and experience to do everything at his office which is very convenient! He is very involved in continuing education so he is up to date on all the latest techniques. I would highly recommend Dr Machiko and his staff for your cosmetic dental needs.

Denise Genter

in the last week

Both my husband and my mom had veneers applied by Dr. Machiko with wonderful results. Their smiles were dramatically changed, and they look great. My mom had contemplated having this done for years, but could never find the right dentist she could trust to perform the procedure. Dr. Machiko was a perfectionist, and the final result showed. Also, the entire staff was so kind and truly care about their patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Machiko to anyone considering having this procedure done.

Richard Gallagher

in the last week

An expert who cares. Dr. Machiko and the staff in his office really makes you feel welcome there. They explain what needs to be done, answer your questions and do a fantastic job. Although I have only gotten my teeth cleaned there, I have scheduled other work to be completed soon. I always dreaded getting my teeth cleaned but the hygienist was gentle and I don't mind getting them cleaned any longer. When I feel comfortable with my dentist, that is a good thing. Thank you Dr. Machiko and staff for doing a great job!

D Lamar

3 months ago

I have had Dr. Machiko as my dentist since I moved to McCandless some 30 years ago. He and his staff have always been professional. I feel that I can trust his recommendations and have never regretted following his advice. Recently he completed the application of veneers to several of my teeth that have worn down over time. I am very happy with the results.

Sonya Moezzi-Greco

in the last week

He and the staff are terrific. I used to be in the dental field myself and know that he came highly recommended by his peers. He is one of the best in the city.

Bill Colombo

a year ago

For many years I accepted the way my teeth looked. I smiled very seldom and when I did, I was very self conscious. Dr. Machiko told me what would be done in a very detailed manner. The end result was better than awesome. Dr. Machiko is a perfectionist. He will work on your teeth like they were his own. He has a great demeanor and the staff is simply terrific! Kathy, Donna, April all go above and beyond to make the experience painless, trouble free and fun. I can't express enough what a great place this is to have any dental work done. Thanks to everyone there, i get to :) more often!
Thank you all..

Domenic Petrarca

a year ago

Dr. Machiko is a very gentle dentist who really knows his patients and delivers quality care. The front office is very cordial and understanding with schedule issues and appointment, I would highly recommend this practice.

Amy Balkovec

a year ago

Love my new smile! Incredible high end and competent staff. If considering cosmetic work I highly recommend Dr. Machiko.

Kelly Moore

a year ago

Dr. Machiko and his staff have been very welcoming & friendly to me through several procedures I've had done since moving to the area. Not to mention their work is fantastic & my teeth have never looked better!


a year ago

Top notch!!! Everyone so friendly!!! I will recommend Gary without hesitation!

Lorraine Galante Pecora

2 years ago

Gary and his staff are really wonderful. They have a way of doing what needs to be done and making you feel special and comfortable at the same time. Knowledgeable and friendly.. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs