What is Computerized Bite Analysis?

By Gary W. Machiko, DMD
July 29, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Computerized occlusal analysis is a revolutionary new way for your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania cosmetic dentist Dr. Gary Machiko  to diagnose problems with tooth alignment. This digital test determines where the upper and lower teeth are making contact  Computerized Bite Analysiswith each other, and gives Dr. Machiko an extremely accurate way to learn where your trouble spots are and form your unique treatment plan.

Why is computerized bite analysis needed?

In the past, most dental patients who complained of facial muscle pain and chronic headaches were thought to have a misalignment with the temporomandibular joint, the "hinge" that opens and closes the jaw. Bite problems were somewhat hard to pinpoint, since the standard test - having the patient bite down on a thin sheet of carbon paper and analyzing the prints - only detected major problems. However, even miniscule defects with the way the teeth are making contact can cause the muscles to overwork themselves and pain to commence. This can also cause unnecessary tooth sensitivity, shifting or breakage. Even with restoration, these problems will continue if the bite is not fully corrected.

How is my bite measured?

Dr. Machiko and his Pittsburgh cosmetic dental team will have you bite down on a thin plate attached an electronic wand-like device. The test is safe, painless and takes only seconds to complete. The impression your teeth make on the plate will transfer information to a computer about the way your teeth make contact with each other, how much pressure - if any - is being applied to each tooth and even the time it takes for each surface to touch. This allows your Pittsburgh cosmetic dentist to locate the exact source of your discomfort and treat it accordingly. It is also an excellent way to craft restorations that will fit perfectly the first time.

If you haven't yet experienced computerized bite analysis and you'd like to know how yours measures up, contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Gary Machiko's office in Pittsburgh to learn more about this amazing technology!