What Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right for Me?

By Gary W. Machiko, DMD
August 29, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Cosmetic dentistry changes the appearance of people's smiles so they look and feel their best. Cosmetic dentists such as Dr. Gary Machiko in Pittsburgh devote time and effort to excellent aesthetics which complement a patient's oral health. Which cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for you?

A look which looks like you

Together, you and your Pittsburgh cosmetic dentist will talk about your smile goals. Your job is to tell Dr. Machiko how you want your smile to improve. His job is to tell you what's possible. Because he has delivered wonderful smiles for years, he can tell you what treatment will work for your specific preferences and needs.

For example, think about how wide and high your smile is. Does too much gum tissue show? What about tooth color? Does it truly complement your skin tone? Does some mild crookedness bother you, or do your want your teeth perfectly straight?

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) says that the information and ideas you and your dentist communicate to each other drive the perfect smile makeover. And, that makeover can be as simple as brightening your tooth enamel to as complex as receiving dental implants. Ultimately, the choices are yours, and Dr. Machiko and his team will help you make them.

Plus, did you know that your dentist can show you how your finished smile will look? Three-dimensional models, photo mock-ups, and more give you a realistic preview and shape the decision-making process.

Some featured cosmetic services

From tooth color to smile alignment, you can improve several aspects of your smile. For instance, Dr. Machiko may recommend Zoom! Whitening. Its active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, is accelerated by a special light, improving tooth color by about eight shades. For any cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening is his or her most popular aesthetic treatment because of its dramatic results, relatively low cost and ease of treatment. Zoom! Whitening is available in both at-home and in-office versions.

Another sought-after service is porcelain veneers. These high-quality laminates custom-cover the front of teeth flawed by cracks, stains, cracks, odd shape or weak structure. They also reinforce enamel, rendering a Hollywood look and increasing tooth longevity.

In addition, most cosmetic care plans include composite resin bonding. This innovative blend of glass and acrylic reshapes chips, craze lines, cracks, and small gaps. Sculpted, trimmed, hardened, and polished by your cosmetic dentist, composite resin looks and acts just like real tooth enamel. Dr. Machiko also uses it to repair tooth decay for a filling which simply blends in with the rest of the tooth and flexes just as natural enamel does.

Learn more

Dr. Gary Machiko offers other aesthetic dental treatments, too. To learn how they could help you achieve your dream smile, contact his office team for a consultation appointment in Pittsburgh, PA, at (724) 719-2866.